The Beginning

How We Met & Our Journey On The Appalachian Trail

Chasing the dollar, buried in routine, eating what was available, and living an absolutely stagnant lifestyle. Sound familiar? Well, that was me for the last 20 years. That is, until I met Jammz nearly 4 years ago. We were both in transitional periods of our lives, and certainly looking for something more. Not just from a partner, but from life! And I’m not talking houses, cars, clothes, status, and image. I’m talking real, progressive changes such as health (physical and mental), selflessness, environmental changes, respect for all, and of course adventure. 

So, we decided to quit our jobs, sell any useless items, gear up, and hit the trail. Our first adventure took us northbound on the Appalachian Trail, a journey that changed our lives forever. We survived weather, wildlife, sketchy peeps, dehydration, malnutrition, and more! And most importantly, we did it together. If you’ve ever had any doubt about the status of your relationship, try a long distance backpacking adventure with your significant other. It’ll take you, mmmm, 1-2 days to figure it out. The thing is, a trip like this forces you to work as a team! It’s not like you can jump in your car to escape, or run in the other room and close the door for an hour. 

Our homecoming was bittersweet. Of course we loved seeing our family and friends, and sharing the details of our journey into the wilderness, but we missed the simplicity of life in the mountains!

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