Degradation or Conservation?


It's Up To You!

Written By Meagan Weisner (a.k.a. Pixie)

Here is a short excerpt from an article written by our friend & fellow environmentalist. Click here for the full story & decide for yourself!

"The world is an interconnection of economic, political, social and ecological ties – perhaps now more than ever. Hardin’s theory falls apart when examining the ways in which humans care for common areas. The Maine lobstermen self-regulate and have established rules to make lobstering more sustainable (Burger and Bochfeld 1998). Similarly, there are common areas, such as National Parks which are regulated by laws and personnel that place emphasis on taking care of the resources. Certainly, problems exist within common areas that do administer rules, however, the attempt to preserve cannot be undermined. Hardin (1968) does advocate for responsibility and believes that only social arrangements can ensure this."

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