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About Us

What We Eat

We live a Plant-Based Lifestyle where we get to enjoy tons of fresh fruits, veggies, beans, legumes, whole grains, nuts & seeds! We believe eating this way promotes ultimate health.

Why We Eat It

First & foremost we choose to eat this way to promote health for everyone, not just ourselves. We believe it is best for our beautiful planet to eat clean. As we explore this world, the more we feel we are making the right choice to help preserve all these incredible wonders. We also care about all life & believe that all life matters. This means, we are not willing to take another creatures life nor lessen the quality of that creature's life just so we may eat something we don't need to survive. We also believe that animal products, such as meat & dairy, wreak havoc on our body's many systems & causes our own quality of life to decrease.

Why We Want To Share It

We have so many individuals inquire about our lifestyle. So many people tell to us that "they would love to become a healthier individual, but they just don't have the knowledge or time to prepare healthy food choices for themselves". 

Hearing this was a huge inspiration to us! When Jammz became a stay-at-home mom with our beautiful daughter Finley this year, we decided to put this spare time to good use. This is why we decided to start helping others discover new recipes so they can see how fulfilling & nutritious eating a plant-based diet can be whether you are on your next adventure or at home!

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At this time, our Dinner Delivery Service is for the Fayette/Coweta County area in Georgia only.

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