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We've had a few people asking about my ULA Circuit, and if a bear canister can be carried comfortably inside. I carried the Bearikade Weekender (9" x 10.5") inside my circuit, medium torso size, and noticed some discomfort early into the hike. The ULA Circuit is made to sit comfortably against your back using a dense internal foam frame, which up to this point I really enjoyed. However, with the bear canister sitting vertically inside my pack, the rounded edge of it began to rub my spine raw through the exterior of the pack. Note* the Weekender will fit horizontally inside the Circuit, but it is extremely tight. Your side pockets become basically useless, and the pack fabric stretches and rubs the canister too much for my liking.

Just about every other pack on the market has adopted the mesh suspension design which keeps the bulk of the pack off your back. The design seems to carry the canister more comfortable, as you cannot feel it against your back at all. Jammz carries the Osprey Aura 50 and had no issues with the canister in her pack throughout the hike. The pressure on my spine was so intense and frustrating, that Jammz offered to carry both canisters in her pack. I still have the scars to prove the pain. She gave me some of her gear to offset the weight in both our packs. #ilovemyhikerchick

I still really enjoy my ULA Circuit and would recommend it to anyone. With a food bag, this pack is rated 10 stars! But, if you're looking to carry a bear canister inside your pack, you may want to consider a pack with mesh suspension.

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