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Getting to Patagonia is actually easier than you would think. On May 3rd, 2017, we headed south from Atlanta's International Airport to Miami. From there, we traveled southeast to Lima, Peru. After a short 3 hour layover, we headed south to Santiago, Chile. We made it through immigration and traveled by taxi to the Princesa Insolente Hostel where we stayed the night. The next morning, we headed back to the airport to catch our final plane south into Punta Arenas, Chile. From the airport, we took a shuttle north to Puerto, Natales, Chile and spent the night at The Singing Lamb Hostel. Puerto Natales is the portal city for Torres Del Paine National Park - the Chilean side of Patagonia where our backpacking journey began.


Santiago, Chile (Our Layover)

Where to Stay & What to Do...

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Santiago, Chile -> Punta Arenas

We stayed at a charming hostel named La Princesa Insolente in Santiago, Chile & spent a full day exploring the city! We would highly recommend booking a stay here! Prices were super inexpensive & the hostel was close to the heart of the city. No complaints!


Torres Del Paine


Welcome To The Park

Your best option to Get to TDP from Puerto Natales is to take a shuttle service. We were fortunate enough to secure a shuttle through our hostel for park entrance the next morning. Entrance fees range between $15 - $30 USD depending on the season.

(Photo Cred: Matt & Meagan Weisner a.k.a Bart & Pixie)



For a lover of nature, conservation, preservation, and everything wild, nothing can beat Patagonia. Our journey took us to the southern region of Chile and into Torres Del Paine National Park where we trekked to see 'The Stacks' along TDP's 'W' Circuit. May is the beginning of their winter, and at higher elevations we experienced snow and icy rocks. Due to new seasonal restrictions, we were mandated to hire a guide. This came as a surprise to us, but proved to be highly beneficial. Wildlife was at a minimum; however, the views were nothing short of spectacular!


Fun Facts

-Patagones translates to "Land of the big feet". Magellan used this term to   describe Natives of this region.

-Patagonia spans roughly 400,000 square miles.

-This region includes 6 National Parks.

-Perito Moreno Glacier is over 18 miles long, 3 miles wide, & 200 feet high.

-Less than 5% of Argentinians & Chileans call Patagonia home.

-Ancient folklore sates that anyone who eats the Calafate berry while in   Patagonia, is destined to return.



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Perito Moreno Glacier

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INCREDIBLE! This is a MUST see for all adventure lovers!

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Toast & Jammz in front Mt Fitz Roy in El Chalten, Argentina. This is the iconic logo for Patagonia.

Monte Fitz Roy

Our Hike

This is the story of our hike around the Fitz

What We Learned & What We Will Do Differently On Our Next Visit...

This is what we will do differently on our next visit to the Fitz

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Hiking Monte Fitz Roy

Our day exploring around the Fitz, the iconic peak of the Patagonia logo...

Patagonia 2017 Sneek Peak

Enjoy a little taste of our adventure through Patagonia!

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