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Unfortunately, this is the reality of campsites everywhere. Help us remedy this issue by packing out one of our delicious meals in a fully compostable pouch! And Yes... You can cook in it!!!

Toast & Jammz introduce EVER GREEN ADVENTURE FOODS


Ever Green Adventure Foods

Shouldn't there be a BETTER OPTION for the outdoor explorer?!

Ever Green Adventure Foods was founded to create a nutrient-packed, fully-compostable food option for adventuring souls around the world. Our revolutionary product aims to disrupt the existing harmful marketplace and challenge other companies and hikers to take a look at their own impact on our world.

Our mission is to eliminate wasteful packaging, provide nutrient dense foods, and challenge others to become more conscious of life’s footprint.

We are so excited to finally share what we have been working on...

We fell in love with meeting new people and exploring new places on our first hiking adventure together in 2014. As we walked our way Northbound on the Appalachian Trail, we could feel a shift in our lives with every step… the trail was beginning to change us in ways we weren’t even able to fully comprehend yet. 

Our eyes were opened to unparalleled natural beauty, but also to serious environmental and nutritional concerns. As we hiked into each resupply town, we found that the available food options were limited to processed items containing little to no beneficial nutritional value. This world of pre-packaged foods stuffed in plastic wrappers caused the adventure community to fill public restrooms, remote group shelters and even the beautiful trail itself with unbelievable amounts of trash. Evening campfire chats with fellow hikers revealed our shared deep appreciation for nature and our adventuring lifestyles, but our habits did not reflect this respect for our surroundings. It became clear that these issues deserve our attention.

Once home, we began cooking and dehydrating our own adventure foods in a small effort to remedy the challenges we faced out on the trails, but our next trips just brought more of the same observations. We came across food packaging waste near the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina while exploring the remote wilderness of Patagonia, and our John Muir Trail hike in the Eastern Sierras revealed burned plastics in the fire ring at Yosemite’s High Sierra Camp. Personally seeing this harmful waste really drove home the message that nutrient deficient foods stored in harmful plastic packaging just wasn’t going to cut it for us any more. 

We will be releasing our first three recipes for sale very soon! 


We thank you for taking the time to care about protecting our wild places! If you would like to get notified when our Ever Green Adventure Foods website goes live & our meals are ready for purchase, click the link below & subscribe. 

Happy Trails,

Toast & Jammz & Jelly Belly

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We care about using eco-friendly packaging. We use PURE Labels for our 100% COMPOSTABLE labels made by Elevate Packaging. We love our planet and know that each sustainable packaging choice we make matters!

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Our Goal is To Hike The World, Respect Our Resources, & Be Conscious Of Life's Footprint!

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